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Exchange Advantage™ $49.00

The Perfect Companion to Power Analy$I$™ & Computer Calc™

Maximizing Financial Returns With Your Computer

(This software requires Microsoft ExcelTM on a WindowsTM PC with at least 64 MB of RAM.)

Here are just a few of the things you will be able to do with this software:

  • Depict the growth in market value of a replacement property acquired through a sale or exchange.
  • Determine the financing and price of a potential replacement property through a sale or exchange.
  • Highlight the reduction in financing over time in both sale and exchange scenarios.
  • Illustrate the growth in equity over time in both sale and exchange scenarios.
  • Clearly show which alternative “exchange” or “sale/reinvestment” will maximize investor equity.
  • Make a powerful argument for an “exchange” or “sale/reinvestment.”

Download Product Attachment: Exchange_Advantage.pdf
Download Product Example: Exchange_Advantage.pdf

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